Sleep Apnoea Association ACT

Privacy policy

Dear Member,





All members are entitled to have information given to the Sleep Apnoea Association Incorporated (SAA) treated with confidentiality.  The SAA will endeavour to protect confidentiality wherever possible and will create an environment of respect and privacy for service users. Confidentiality applies to verbal information, written information and information stored in computers.


Members are entitled to share information with committee members and/or other members when it would be for mutual benefit, for questionnaires or at general meetings.  Information disclosed will be treated confidentially by all.


Committee of management will respect the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of any meeting and/or correspondence.


Information gained from questionnaires will be treated as confidential but the SAA has the right to use the numbers and/or percentages to obtain for member’s benefits as stated on any questionnaire.


Committee members will respect the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of advice or referral service.  Committee members will not share confidences revealed by members without their consent except when compelling moral or ethical or legal reasons exist.

 Members will be fully informed about the limits or confidentiality in any given situation, the purpose for which information is being obtained and how it any be used.


Areas covered:

1.        Member or SAA matters/activities

-          members personal contact details

-          members records

2.        Contact from members of the public

-          phone records

3.        SAA organisional business

-          meetings, records etc.





The Sleep Apnoea Association is a voluntary non-profit incorporated organisation made up of people with a medical condition/s, in common, and associated problems.


The aim is to provide;

Ø       mutual support,

Ø       advocacy for members.

Ø       information on research, treatment, medical updates and products for members, their families, health professionals and/or the general public inquiring about the condition Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

Ø       newsletter  in Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct & Nov,

Ø      regular General Meetings in the months above,