Sleep Apnoea Association ACT


We meet bi-monthly at 2pm on Saturday's at the Canberra Southern Cross Club, Woden.

Next Meeting Dates 2019 & Guest Speaker(s):

June 15th 2019 (Saturday) - Principal Pharmacist's Shaheed Khan and Taz Hasan, Blooms The Chemist and Pharmacy Karabar Shopping Mall and Queanbeyan city, NSW. Go to our Welcome page to see our June 2019 Newsletter for more information.

Other Meeting Dates 2019: (Confirmed)
August 17th 2019 - Ms Lyn Morley, ACT Lung Life Inc (Confirmed)
October 19th 2019 - (Annual General Meeting) - Presentation of Committee and Financial Reports.
November 16th 2019 - Ms Carol Flavel, Guardian Plan Consultant, Tobin Brothers, White Lady and Simplicity Funerals, ACT & Queanbeyan (to be confirmed)

Proposed Meeting Dates 2020: Subject to confirmation.
February 15th 2020
- (Guest speaker to be confirmed)
April 18th 2020 - (Guest speaker to be confirmed)
June 20th 2020 - (Guest speker to be confirmed)
August 15th 2020 - (Guest spekaer to be confirmed)
October 17th 2020 - Annual General Meeting (AGM) - (Guest speker to be confirmed)
November 21st 2020 - (Guest speker to be confirmed)